Abuja Lands For sale at Kurudu | Kuje | Lugbe | Jikwoyi and Idu

Abuja Lands For sale at Kurudu | Kuje | Lugbe | Jikwoyi and Idu

Looking for where to buy or purchase affordable and legit plots of lands in Abuja (AGIS verifiable lands?). Look no further, as we have uncovered the various locations here, including their prices, call contact, features and discounts applied to these lands.

Locations in Abuja where you can buy 100% legit lands

  1. Lugbe: This is one of the major city in Abuja that is fast growing (market places, companies, schools, churches e.g. Dunams Head quarters), etc. Lands in this area are currently affordable. You can buy now, start building or allow to appreciate and resell. The appreciation rate in this location is very high as it is a fast developing areas in Abuja. You should key in now.
  2. Kurudu: This location is gradually becoming a city compared to the site view in the last 2 years. Lands in this areas are very cheap and appreciation is fast growing. You should also buy from companies with a verifiable documents in AGIS. That is why Charis Homes And Properties are dedicated in selling only 100% legit and verifiable lands in Abuja at Kuje, Kurudu, Lugbe, Idu and Jikwoyi.
  3. Kuje: It is not a news that FCT is fast developing and kuje is another place area that is rapidly following this growth trend. At kuje, there are notable land marks, companies, schools, businesses, etc. you should key into the discounts on the lands in this location now before it becomes more expensive. presently in January 2024, you can buy lands in this location for as low as #1,000,000 upwards. (depending on the land size.)
  4. Jikwoyi: This location is situated at municipal area council local Government in Abuja. This is also another fast growing area in Abuja. it is surrounded by a large population of people. The population size in this area is much which makes it a very good place to invest in lands. Land appreciation rate is high here.
  5. IDU City: Just as the name implies “CITY” it is a fast developing area also in FCT Abuja. You should key into the running discounts of the sales. Buy land here now and start building or allow to appreciate and resell. Land sales is between #1m upwards.

Abuja Lands For sale at Kurudu | Kuje | Lugbe | Jikwoyi and Idu (Abuja)

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