cheapest land in abuja

cheapest land in abuja

cheapest land in abuja

So lots of individuals and investors wants to buy affordable land that are verifiable in AGIS with FCDA approval in abuja. So in this complete guide, we will be discussing and providing the cheapest lands in FCT Abuja, the locations and real estate companies that are selling these cheap lands.

Finding Cheap Land in Abuja: A Beginner’s Guide

As a beginner or a seasoned investor in lands in Abuja, it is important to identify potential opportunities in landed properties within Abuja. In order to find cheap lands in Abuja, you have to first identify lands with all the necessary land documents such as R of O, Government consent, building plan, etc. you should also inquire of strategic location of the land. IN order to find cheap land in Abuja, you should contact a realtor or a real estate company that you can trust such as Charis Homes And Properties Limited.

Where to Look for Affordable Land in Abuja:

Affordable lands in Abuja can be found in areas with fast development rate such as Jikowyi, Lugbe, Kuje,Apo, Idu and Kurudu. These places are known for the sales of affordable or cheap lands due to the fact that these locations are stull under development, though with a very fast development rate.

Tips for Buying Land on a Budget in Abuja:

After looking for the best affordable land in Abuja, the next thing is to set a budget range for the land you want to buy. You can always do this by checking the price plans for each of the locations you want to buy. For instance, 155sqm is about #1million naira. etc. (cheapest land in abuja)

Tricks to Get the Best Deals on Land in Abuja:

The best trick to get the best deal on landed property in Abuja is to look for real estate company that has some of lands in an estate and request for sizes and quantities that are on promo or on special discount. For instance Valabi shelters limited has land in lugbe that are on Rahmadan discount. in order to key into this deal, you will need to chat with one of their staff or call site coordinator on: 08038864563.


In conclusion, careful investigation and thoughtful decision-making are needed to locate the most affordable land in Abuja. Regardless of your level of expertise as an investor, you should always give priority to properties that have official documents, such a government-issued R of O. Because they are still developing, strategic places like Jikowyi, Lugbe, Kuje, Apo, Idu, and Kurudu present intriguing chances.

It is essential to establish a budget and investigate different price ranges for different areas when navigating the Abuja real estate market. Access to special offers and discounts may also be obtained by working with respectable real estate firms like Valabi Shelters Limited or Charis Homes And Properties Limited. (cheapest land in abuja)

Individuals and investors may obtain inexpensive land in Abuja while making well-informed judgments that fit their spending plans and investment objectives by using the tools that are accessible to them and these helpful advice.


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