Cost of 1 plot of land in Abuja (FCT) Nigeria

Cost of 1 plot of land in Abuja (FCT) Nigeria

Cost of 1 plot of land in Abuja (FCT) Nigeria

Common questions arises if you are a seasoned investor or you want to buy some piece of landed property for your personal use or for other commercial, industrial or agricultural use. So in this article, I will be guiding you on the various costs of landed properties within FCT Abuja. Kindly note that the prices of a plot of land may vary in different location within Abuja based on the level of development in That location. Before we look at the various costs of a plot of lands in various locations within Abuja, let’s take a look at the various uses of this land size

uses of a plot of land

under standard condition for building houses, a plot of land is approximately 600 square meter (SQM). It is best used for building 5/6 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex + BQ (boys quarters). This land size is also suitable for building other structures and houses such as: Government and institutional buildings, office space, and lots more.

What is the land size for a plot of land in square meter?

Using the standard measurement system widely used by countries outside the united state of America, such as Nigeria and some others, a plot of land is approximately 600 square meters (SQM). For more information on this, kindly read: List Of Land Sizes For Various Houses

Prices of 600 square meter plots of land in various location sin Abuja

  1. Kuje. At kuje Abuja, you can get 600 square meter land (1 plot) for about #3million naira upwards
  2. Lugbe: For lugbe plot of land, you can get it for as low as #4m
  3. Kurudu: for as low as #2.5million naira, you can buy a plot of land at kurudu

How To Contact Realtor In Order To Purchase Your Lands

You can contact Charis Homes And Property located at, H2G 038 Turai’adua block, Wuye Ultra Modern market. Email:, Call 24/7: 08038864563. Or visit our official website at HOME


The above article gives insight to the following:

  • A standard plot is about 600 square meters.
  • Prices vary depending on location, with Kurudu being the cheapest at N2.5 million and Kuje the most expensive at N3 million and upwards.
  • The article includes contact details for a realtor to help with purchasing land.

Cost of 1 plot of land in Abuja (FCT) Nigeria

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