Documents To Look Out For Before Buying Land In Nigeria

Documents To Look Out For Before Buying Land In Nigeria

Are you planning on buying legitimate lands from any where in Nigeria? you need to perform findings on some land documents just to be sure that the land’s ownership can be transferred to you. So in this article, we will be pointing out those documents for the purpose of clarification. Some of these documents includes: R of O, Government consent, survey plan, deed of assignment, excision in progress, etc.

Why verify land documents before purchase?

The answer is straight forward; this is because there are some documents that you need to have in order to claim permanent ownership of the lands and in order to be able to defend the land at any point in time (in case the federal Government one day decides to make use of the land space or if their project cut across your land.), there are also at cases where some lands claims to have double ownership; as such, original and all required documents will justify the true owner of the land. This is why it is important that you get and verify the land document you want to buy.

Where to Verify land documents before purchase

verification of land documents is the process of taking the document that the seller of the land has handed to you to the right federal Government institution to check for the originality of the documents. Verification of the documents also helps you to confirm if the land has been sold before to someone else or not.

List of Land Documents

  1. C of O
  2. R of O
  3. Receipt of Payment
  4. Government consent
  5. survey plan
  6. Deed of assignment
  7. Excision in progress

C of O: This stands for Certificate of occupancy. it is an official document issued by the federal Government of Nigeria that shows that a particular landed property is owned by an individual in Nigeria. This document is important. It should be available for a land owner, but if it is a land on resell, you might request for another document of similar importance, as we will be discussing below.

R of O: It’s is an acronym in real estate industry meaning right of occupancy. It is a document that grants an individual the right to use a legal property. This document is widely used for individuals who buys land from a reseller. (the person will issue a legal document signed and approved by the federal Government to remove a certain land size from a total land size originally owned by someone). This is a common document you obtain when you buy land from an estate. You can always count on us for land verification exercises at Charis Homes And Properties Limited

Receipt of Payment: This is the normal receipt you are issued as a confirmation or acknowledgement that a certain amount of money is paid for the land you want to buy

Government consent: As you might have heard that there is a land decree use decree in Nigeria amended in 1978 that states that all land is vested and owned by the federal Government….. This implies that for an individual to rightfully own a land, that land have an approval by the Governor of that state. This approval document in land is what is called Government consent in land.

Approved Building Plan: This is peculiar to real estate lands as there is what is called approved building plan, which is the kind of housing plan that is accepted by the estate and federal government upon land consent.

Documents To Look Out For Before Buying Land In Nigeria

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