how much does land cost in Abuja

how much does land cost in Abuja

how much does land cost in Abuja

buying landed properties in FCT Abuja has become like Gold. This is because real estate investment is one of the latest happening in Nigeria and in the world generally. So in this complete guide, we intend to guide you on the general cost of land in Abuja Nigeria, What you need to know before payment, expectations, necessary documents, best prices and lots more. We will also be exploring into lands that have high ROI and lands that are currently running on promo within FCT Abuja, that you can key into.

What you need to know about land costs in Abuja

When it comes to the cost of lands in Abuja, there are some certain factors that could influence it, some of which are: The land size in square meter | the location of the land within Abuja | available land documents, if the land is in an estate in abuja | estate accessibility and other related factors.

How location can influence the cost of lands in Abuja

When it comes to location of lands, it is said to be one of major determinant factor that influences the cost of landed properties in Abuja. For instance, lands that are located in a very developed areas with all the basic infrastructural amenities such as light, water, good road, market squares, commercial and local banks, increased populations etc. are said to be much more expensive that places that do not have these basic amenities. A practical examples of lands in a developed area in Abuja are lands located ar Lugbe, Guzape, Kuhe, Kubwa, Jikwoyi, Kurudu, Idu and Apo. If you are a seasoned investor that want to invest into real estate (land) you can reach out to Charis Homes And Properties Limited via call or WhatsApp on the number: 08038864563

Land size as a factor influencing pricing

Yes, when it comes to size; the larger the size, the more expensive the land is going to be. You should always note the land size that you want to buy and the kind of house (prototype) that can be built on those land sizes. Lands in Nigeria are best measured in square meters (SQM); These measurement ranges from 155squre meters to hectares of land.


In conclusion, the strong rise in real estate investment in Nigeria and throughout the world is reflected in the fact that purchasing landed properties in FCT Abuja has come to be equated with owning gold. With the help of this thorough guide, you will get crucial insights about the average cost of land in Abuja, enabling you to make informed decisions before making any purchases. This book has covered everything, from comprehending the important elements that affect land costs, such size, location, and papers accessible, to looking at chances for high return on investment and special offers inside FCT Abuja. Recall that a property parcel’s price greatly depends on its location, with established regions with basic services demanding higher prices. When you start your real estate career, If you need professional advice and support, think about getting in touch with Charis Homes And Properties Limited. By carefully weighing these variables and being equipped with knowledge, you can successfully negotiate Abuja’s ever-changing land pricing and make wise investment choices that will set you up for future success.

how much does land cost in Abuja


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