Importance of Buying lands in an estate

Importance of Buying lands in an estate

Importance of Buying lands in an estate

Lots of interested land and property seekers are always skeptical on the kind of properties to buy independent of the location. But the hassle has always been buying a secured, legit and verifiable lands. on the other hand, estate lands, tends to curb some of this problems So in this article, we will be guiding you on the importance of buying lands in an estate if you are anywhere in Nigeria.

What are Estate lands?

Estate lands are lands that are located in an estate. For instance, an estate can be fenced round on about 20,000 square meters. Such area can be allocated to various individuals who would like to acquire the allotment and start building. In cases like this, we say that such lands are estate lands. and there are lots of benefits that accompanies such estate lands.

importance of buying lands in an estate

Below are the various importance of buying lands in an estate among others:

  1. Security and Peace of Mind: This is one of the top reasons why many goes for an estate land and you too should consider doing too; security and peace of mind speaks of verification of genuity of the landed property and availability of all land documents. it also entails tight security of both life and property (there are always human securities around every estate that ensures that lives and properties are not lost)
  2. Infrastructure and Amenities: Talking about infrastructure and amenities such as bore hole, electricity, good roads, etc., these are some of the good advantages or importance of securing lands in an estate. For instance, at Charis Homes And Properties Limited. most of our estate lands have full amenities such as accessibility.
  3. Regulated Development: The development in estate lands are well regulated and as such, the development is always on the rise.
  4. Community Living: There are always combined or community activities that fosters growth and union in the estate. Estates often organize social events, clubs, and neighborhood gatherings, providing ample opportunities for networking and socializing. This sense of belonging enhances the overall living experience, creating a tight-knit community where individuals can thrive and forge lasting connections.
  5. Appreciation Potential: There is always a high appreciation rate in estate lands, due to it’s amenities, and high development and population rate that will continually to be on the rise. For instance, there was one of our estate lands at Jikwoyi FCT Abuja that was sold for #800,000 per plot in december 2023, after 2 month (february) it had appreciated to about #2,500,000 per plot (over 100%) appreciation rate. This is why we at Charis Homes And properties will always advice that you can buy some of our real estate lands, and allow to appreciate in few months then resell or you can start building on them instantly.
  6. Ease of Transaction: This is one of the significant importance of estate lands. all documents are well secured and verifiable. No need for worries on false documents and verification of land documents.

Importance of Buying lands in an estate


In conclusion, the importance of buying land within an estate cannot be overstated. From enhanced security and infrastructure to community living and investment potential, the benefits are manifold

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