Land size Projections for Mosque buildings In Nigeria (FCT)

Land size Projections for Mosque buildings In Nigeria (FCT)

Land size Projections for Mosque buildings In Nigeria (FCT)

Choosing the best land size for building mosques is important, it is also important to choose the best land size for the right mosques size of interest. So in this article, we will be guiding you step by step on the best land size and land type for building your choice mosque for religious gathering.

Factors to consider when choosing land for building mosques

  1. projected population Size of The mosque building: This is an important factor as it deals with the size of the building; specifically the number of people the mosque can contain at once. So having this in mind or projected will help you make a good choice of land size for the building of your mosque.
  2. Budget: This is also very important as this is the major determinant of virtually all the factors to consider when choosing land for building mosque; your budget will influence the location of the land, the size of the mosque, the additional facilities included in the mosque and the like.
  3. Intended Location: Where you want to have the mosque building on is also another factor as this will also influence your budget. (the cost of land varies for different locations)
  4. Additional Facilities: You should also consider if you want more facilities to be attached to the mosque building; such as toilets, bathrooms, etc.

Here are some general guidelines for mosque land size based on expected population size:

  • Small mosque (up to 100 people): 500-1,000 square meters (5,382-10,764 square feet)
  • Medium mosque (100-500 people): 1,000-5,000 square meters (10,764-53,819 square feet)
  • Large mosque (500-1,000 people): 5,000-10,000 square meters (53,819-107,639 square feet)
  • Very large mosque (over 1,000 people): 10,000 square meters or more (107,639 square feet or more)

Kindly note that these sizes are dependent on the size, location and additional facilities of the mosque. Also note that you can have a mosque building erected in an estate as allocated by the estate management. For more tips on this, kindly call or WhatsApp Charis Homes And Properties on 08038864563

How to buy land for mosque buildings in Abuja Nigeria

In order to buy landed properties to erect your mosques in FCT Abuja (Nigeria capital territory), you will need to contact a solid real estate company that sells legit and verifiable lands in Abuja with all the necessary land documents in or der to avoid land encroachment and demolition of building in the nearest future. You can do that by contacting Charis Homes And Properties Limited on 08038864563

Land size Projections for Mosque buildings In Nigeria (FCT)


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