land to buy in abuja

Are you searching for available landed property to buy within the federal capital territory of Abuja? We can rest assure you that there are both cheap and expensive lands that are 100% legit and verifiable in AGIS. There are landed properties that are below 5 million naira, and some that are way higher than that. Any land type and budget you want is available around Abuja. You can even find landed properties that are strategically located within Airport roads, Apo, jikwoyi, Lugbe, kurudu, kuje, etc.

so in this article, i will be guiding you on the best places to buy landed properties in FCT Abuja. (land to buy in abuja)

  1. Lugbe: This is a fast developing area in Abuja, due to the rapid population and growth rate in the place. Available in this place are land of various sizes such as 155 square meter to 600 square meter (this is because the land is an estate land). There are also other land sizes for various functions and use that can be allocated to you in the estate upon request. For more information on this land sizes, kindly read: Land Sizes For Building Offices In Nigeria | List Of Land Sizes Needed For Building Hotels | Land size Projections for Mosque buildings In Nigeria (FCT)
  2. Kurudu: The surroundings are orderly and clean. In addition to lodging, this location offers a few amenities to help you get in the zone. A food and drink menu, an inside lounge and bar, a snooker room, outside seating, a kid-friendly trampoline, small huts, grills, and an outdoor bar are all available. Greetings to our friends in Karu, Jikwoyi, Orozo, and Karshi. Have you visited this place? We have landed properties within this location that are very affordable with all the necessary documents. Lands in this place starts with as low as one million naira (#1million)
  3. Apo: The goal of the Apo resettlement project was to relocate 874 households from the villages of Apo, Garki, and Akpanjanya to the town of Apo, with the understanding that no resettler would be in a worse situation than they were before leaving. By evaluating resettlers’ lost and compensable wages, this study evaluates the sustainability of resettlers’ livelihood assets in the system. The landed properties here are affordable and the lands are allocated to individuals in square meter.
  4. Idu: This is often known as Idu Industrial, is a developing neighborhood. It is located in the phase 4 region of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The neighborhood is next to one of Abuja’s major industrial zones. Numerous businesses involved in a wide range of commercial endeavors may be found in this industrial region. There’s also a sizable interchange rail station in Idu. The Abuja light rail system (which runs from the Abuja airport to the Central Area) and the standard gauge railway (which travels from Abuja to Kaduna) interchange at the Idu station.
  5. Jikwoyi: When the federal government designated Abuja as the country’s formal capital. The initial settlers were rumored to have been local hunters who came to hunt in Abuja’s dense forest, Paikokun land. As their number increased over time, they dispersed throughout the Federal Capital Territory, including Jikwoyi. The Gbagyis still have a local region in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) that is allotted to them and to which they have complete rights. (land to buy in abuja)


In conclusion, the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja offers a diverse range of landed property options to suit various budgets and preferences. From the fast-developing area of Lugbe to the serene surroundings of Kurudu, and the strategic locations of Apo, Idu, and Jikwoyi, there are opportunities abound for both residential and commercial investments. Whether you’re seeking affordability or strategic positioning, there are legitimate and verifiable options available through AGIS. The potential for growth and development within these areas underscores the attractiveness of investing in landed properties within the FCT Abuja region. With careful consideration and guidance, investors can find the perfect opportunity to secure their piece of this thriving capital territory.

land to buy in abuja

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