Land with C of O in Abuja

Land with C of O in Abuja

Land with C of O in Abuja

C of O stands for Certificate of occupancy which is a legal document that is issued to a person who has bought landed property. It is a proof that a land is owned by an individual. i tis also important to note that C or O has a child document when a land with an original C of O is sold in parts; when this happens, the person buying part of the land will be issued a document called R of o which stands for right of occupancy. So in this article, I will be guiding you on how to get lands with C of O in FCT abuja.

What happens when Lands are without C of O

  • Your ownership is not fully recognized by the government and can be challenged.
  • You cannot mortgage or legally transfer the land.
  • Banks may be hesitant to grant loans for property without a C of O.

Advantages of C of O

  • You have secured legal ownership and can confidently invest in developing or selling the land.
  • It increases the property’s value and marketability.
  • Obtaining a C of O typically involves fulfilling specific development requirements and paying necessary fees.

Why “Land with C of O in Abuja” is actively searched

  • Abuja is a rapidly developing city with high demand for land.
  • Many scams and fake land ownership claims exist.
  • People want secure investments and peace of mind when buying land.
  • C of O verifies legitimacy and protects their investment.

Where to Buy lands with C of O in Abuja

If you are looking for that real estate company to buy a land with C of O with FCDA approval and verifiable under AGIS, you can contact Charis Homes and properties limited via WhatsApp or call on : 08038864563. There are various available lands within Abuja for sale with them.


By understanding the significance of “Land with C of O in Abuja” and its implications, you can make informed decisions and navigate the real estate market more confidently.

Feel free to ask further questions about specific areas, verification processes, or any other aspect of land acquisition in Abuja. I’m happy to help!


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