Open Lands For Sale in Abuja (New!)

Open Lands For Sale in Abuja (New!)

Open Lands For Sale in Abuja (New!)

Here, we will be talking on how and where to get open lands that are available for sale in Federal capital territory Abuja. Are you searching for new land openings up for sale in various locations in FCT Abuja? This article will guide you on how to secure affordable open lands, including new lands that are going for sale and resell within FCT Abuja.

As it is widely said that knowledge is key, this is also how important it is when searching for land, there are lots of available lands out there in FCT Abuja that are open for sale. This is why we at Charis Homes And property Limited has decided to disclose various places within FCT Abuja that has available landed properties for sale. Not just for sale but going out at affordable prices.

List of available locations with landed properties within FCT Abuja

  • Lugbe: Invest in the thriving community of Lugbe with our AGIS-certified and affordable land options.
  • Kurudu: Secure your future in Kurudu with lands that are not only affordable but also backed by AGIS verification.
  • Jikwoyi: Explore the potential of Jikwoyi with our legitimate and transparent land offerings.
  • Apo: Experience the convenience and growth of Apo with our certified lands for sale.
  • Idu: Invest confidently in Idu, knowing that our lands are 100% legit and verifiable through AGIS.
  • Kuje: Embrace the scenic beauty of Kuje while enjoying the assurance of AGIS-verified lands.

How to buy these available landed properties within FCT Abuja

To buy this landed properties within FCT, you can contact Charis Homes And Properties Limited (the real estate company that you can trust.). to learn more about us, call/whatsapp us on: 08038864563 or visit our contact us on (CONTACT US PAGE). Email Us: or visit our physical location on: H2G 038 Turai’adua block, Wuye Ultra Modern market FCT Abuja Nigeria. You can also visit our properties page by clicking HERE


This article promotes buying open land in Abuja through Charis Homes And Properties Limited. It emphasizes:

  • Variety of locations: Options available in Lugbe, Kurudu, Jikwoyi, Apo, Idu, and Kuje.
  • Affordability: Lands offered at “affordable prices.”
  • Legitimacy: All lands “AGIS-certified” and “100% legit.”
  • Transparency: Lands offered with “legitimate and transparent” processes.
  • Convenience: Contact information prominently displayed for inquiries and purchase.

The article essentially serves as an advertisement for Charis Homes, targeting potential land buyers in Abuja. Remember, always research and compare before making any land purchase decisions.

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