Plots for sale in Abuja (landed Property)

Plots for sale in Abuja (landed Property)

Plots for sale in Abuja (landed Property) – by charis homes and properties limited

In this article, we will be providing you with the best plots of land in Abuja (FCT) available for sale in 2024. These plots of lands are 100% legit and FCDA approved. These lands are also verifiable under AGIS (Abuja Geographical information system). This will answer the common questions for: Land for sale in Abuja | Plots for sale in Abuja | Affordable land in Abuja | Land with CofO in Abuja and son on.

Plots of land and their sizes

There are various land sizes located at various places within Abuja. These sizes are measured in square meter (sqm) and are available for every budget. Below are the the land sizes within Abuja:

  • 155sqm plots of land
  • 250sqm plots of land
  • 350sqm plots of land
  • 400sqm plots of land
  • 450sqm plots of land
  • 500sqm plots of land
  • 600sqm plots of land
  • 700sqm plots of land
  • hectares of land
  • Acres of land

Best Places To buy plots of land in Abuja

  1. Lugbe
  2. Kuje
  3. Jikwoyi
  4. Idu
  5. Kurudu
  6. Kubwa


In this above, we have been able to provide you with all the available plots within FCT Abuja. We have also provided the plots sizes and their best possible prizes. For more information on landed property purchase, kindly, call/whatsapp: 08038864563


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Plots for sale in Abuja (landed Property)

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