private housing estate lands for sale in Abuja

private housing estate lands for sale in Abuja

private housing estate lands for sale in Abuja

The word private housing estate lands refers to privately owned lands that can be allocated or sold to individuals and investors that are interested in buying and allowing to appreciate over a period of time and then selling it out or they can acquire the lands and start building instantly. These lands comes with internal security and other social amenities such as constant electricity, good road, water supply, recreational facilities, social development, etc.; since they are privately owned. These lands are located within gated estate, because they are inside an estate with controlled regulation and in most cases, acceptable house plans.

So below, we will be providing you with some of these private housing estate lands in Abuja and how you can purchase them for instant building or for investment purposes.

Locations of private housing estate lands  in Abuja

Below are some locations of these private lands in FCT Abuja. so you can key and purchase now that they are still very much affordable. Kindly note that the prices are bound to change at any point in time due to development of these private housing estates in Abuja over time. For the most updated pricings, kindly call or send messages via whatsapp to 08038864563

  • IDU: This is one of the major town in FCT Abuja with fast development. such as good road, increasing market structures, hospitals, banks and Governmental organizations. (Idu is located in the region of FCT. FCT’s capital Abuja (Abuja))
  • Lugbe: This is another fast developing town in FCT Abuja with major land marks. Lugbe is almost fully developed as major banks are everywhere, major churches, such as Dunamis (head quarters), markets, etc. private housing estate is located near Dunamis headquarters. You can get about 155 square meter of land in this place for about #2,000,000 and above. other higher land sizes are also available in this location.
  • jikwoyi: This place is located close to Mararaba and Nyanya sharing boundaries with Nasarawa state Nigeria. Presently, it is one of the most populated area in Nigeria and development is fast and on the increase in this area. so you can secure private housing estate lands also in this area at a very affordable price. (estate lands in this location are far cheaper than any other places Abuja).
  • Kurudu: This is another amazing location for purchase private housing estate lands. Kurudu is a rural area in Abuja municipal area council.
  • Apo: This location is also very much developed and still undergoing rapid growth process. private housing estate lands here are also affordable but not as cheap as lands located at jikwoyi.

Note: There are also private housing estate lands in other locations in FCT Abuja different form these ones listed above. If you have any place within FCT Abuja that you want us to help you with the most recent pricing, you can always call us here 08038864563 or visit our CONTACT US page

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prices of private housing estate lands in Abuja

The prices of private housing estate lands in FCT Abuja varies depending on the location of the estate lands; just as explained in the various locations listed above. Estate lands located in a well developed areas in Abuja are much more expensive than estate lands that are located in areas that are not fully developed. So below is a short break down of the prices of some of the major private housing estate lands in Abuja

Prices: The cheapest price is around #1,000,000 (1 million naira) upwards. call us for for your desired location and price.

private housing estate lands for sale in Abuja by charis homes and properties ltd.

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