promo land in abuja

promo land in abuja

promo land in abuja

Are you searching for landed properties in Abuja that are currently running on promo? search no further as we will all cover that in this short landed properties expositions. | Charis Homes And properties

What are promo lands in Abuja?

Promo lands in Abuja are lands that are actually running on discount on promotional offers. The real questions is are there really promotional lands in FCT Abuja? The answer is YES! you can buy lands half the original prices that they are being sold. For instance, some lands in FCT Abuja that are sold for about #5,000,000 (five million naira) are being sold about #2.5million naira based on 50% discount! so relax as we bring you the affordable landed properties that are actually on discount.

Real Estate Companies selling lands on promo

Charis Homes And Properties; Presently, this is the real estate company that is currently selling lands even in an estate that are running on promotional offer of about 50% off! Charis homes and properties are known for the sales of affordable landed properties that are legit and verifiable under AGIS and FCDA approved. Below are the details of the promotional offers:

  • up to 50% off on the first 10 plots of land your buy for lands located at lugbe, jikwoyi, kurudu, Apo, Kuje or Idu.
  • Flexible payment plans at about 30% initial deposit and spreading of the remaining balance for a duration of about 6 months.
  • Issuing of R of O as a proof of permanent ownership of these lands, since the lands are located in an estate.
  • Free access to verify the authenticity of the lands at AGIS
  • Free issuing of building plans for those that shows interest in buying or investing in the landed properties.

In order to contact charis homes and properties, kindly put a call accros to; 08038864563


In conclusion, our exposition or article guide on promo lands in abuja has provided an inviting chance to purchase real estate at a reduced price for individuals looking for reasonably priced landed homes in Abuja. Promotional deals are real and give substantial discounts over regular market costs, despite initial mistrust. With flexible payment options and extra benefits like the issuing of a right of ownership and free access to confirm the validity of the property, companies like Charis Homes and Properties are presently giving up to 50% discount on a selection of plots. Buyers may feel secure in the quality and legality of their investments when they invest in properties that have been validated by AGIS and FCDA. In order to take advantage of this chance, interested parties should get in touch with Charis Homes And Properties to learn more and discuss their possibilities.

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