The Best Land For Home Construction

The Best Land For Home Construction

The Best Land For Home Construction

the best kind of land for the construction of homes will be discussed here in details. It is also important that you note that the kind of home or house to build is dependent on the kind of house such as bungalow, bedroom flat, block of flats, terrace, duplex, etc….

Charis Homes and Properties are here to guide you step by step using our years of experience as one of the best real estate company in FCT Abuja. We will provide you with the best land and best sizes for building your dream home or house.

The Best Land For Home Construction

  1. 155 square meter: used for building 1 bedroom terrace bungalow
  2. 180 square meter: best used for building 2 bedroom terrace duplex with bq
  3. 250 square meter: used for building 2 bedroom terrace bungalow
  4. 300 square meter: 2 bedrooms semi – detached bungalow
  5. 350 square meter: can be used for building 3 bedroom semi – detached bungalow. It can also be used to building 4 bedroom semi – detached penthouse.
  6. 500 square meter: best used for erecting 3 bedroom fully detached bungalow with bq
  7. 500 square meter: can also be used for building 4 bedroom duplex with stand alone 1 bedroom BQ

Cost Of Of Lands For Home Construction

Below are the various cost of lands for home constructions within Abuja (Federal Capital Territory )

i. A 155 square meter, one-bedroom terrace home sold for #2,300,000, but the first 10 plots were sold for #1,150,000 each, with a 50% discount.

ii. A 250 square meter, two-bedroom terrace home that was listed for #3,700,000 is now selling for #1,850,000 after a 50% discount.

iii. A 300 square meter, two-bedroom semi-detached home that was listed for #4,500,000 is now asking #2,250,000.

IV. 350 square meter, three-bedroom semi-detached house; ordinarily selling for #5,200,000; currently 50% off at #2,600,000.

vi. Normally selling for #7,400,000, this three-bedroom totally detached home with 500 square meters of BQ is currently being offered for #3,700,000.

vii. Originally listed for #7,400,000, this 4-bedroom duplex with a standalone 1-bedroom BQ (500 square meters) is currently for sale for#3,700,000.


The above article provides a table outlining ideal land sizes for different house types (bungalows, duplexes etc.) with number of bedrooms. It then lists discounted prices for lots of various sizes suitable for these house types. The discounts seem to be significant (around 50%).


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